I’ll Eat my Way to Finding the Best Irish Scone in Ireland

When I first moved to Ireland, I discovered a country seemingly obsessed with their tea and scones. I thought they’d be all about stews and potatoes and stout here but scones and tea really are tops. Even on Father Ted! You should have seen the looks I got when I asked about lemon scones or flavored scones. Gasp! The horror! Why would anyone flavor a scone?!? I’ve learned a lot since then and now I know the classic scone is the best. But who makes the best classic scone in Ireland?

Well, Monday the short list for the best scones in Ireland is coming out after a national call for nominations by Goodalls Ireland. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, open your spice cabinet. I didn’t know the name at first either until I looked at my vanilla extract and cooking pastes. Then one of those ah-ha moments. Anyway, the whole #BestScone thing even got trending on Twitter on Wednesday!

What kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t share my perspective? A hungry one. So, here goes…

Wait, before I launch into this you may want to go eat something (probably a cup of tea and a scone) because this may make you feel a bit hungry. I’m serious. Go on.

Ok, good, let’s get started now that you’ve had your tea and scone.

Fenns Quay is my favorite breakfast spot in town because it seems like you can always get brunch favorites like eggs florentine or an omelet there, even on weekdays. Gotta love that. Then there are the fresh-baked breads and scones. O M G! Fresh daily made from traditional Irish recipe, served with soft Irish butter (no struggling with the cold butter slab) and Chef Kate’s own preserves (raspberry shown in the photo below). If Fenns Quay wins, Kate says she’ll hosting a scone party! How fun is that?
Morning at Fenns Quay means fresh baked Irish scones. I think they are the best in Ireland. Served with Irish butter and Chef Kate's own house-made berry jam

Electric serves up scones and assorted yummy baked goods in their downstairs café/bar all day long. Which probably keeps all the solicitors on South Mall from going hungry on a busy day at the office. Their plain or fruit scones are served with butter and jam. Time it right and you can get one fresh from the oven! A bit crumbly but all the better to share, right?

It gets messy so I often skip the scone on knitting mornings or I end up with sticky yarn.
Scone at Electric in Cork City

My scones, which I make in one big pan then slice. I made this one from my family recipe. I’ve promised to teach my Dad to make them (like his Mom used to make). These are not in the Goodalls running because they are not commercially available at a restaurant or cafe.
Sullivan Family Scone Recipe

This scone was from Alternative Bread Company at The English Market and a special shape for Valentine’s weekend. I served it with Irish butter (at room temp), raspberry jam, and whipped cream. They are nice but go stale or moldy quickly so best enjoyed within hours of purchase.

Scone served up at Crawford Gallery Cafe. I did a Photoshop effect on it to make it look artsy. I couldn’t get over that the jam was in a little paper cup like hospitals dispense patient medicines. Crumbly but nice. The paper cup still seems odd considering the elegance of the cafe itself.
Scone with Irish Butter and Jam
Mayne’s on Pembroke Street in Cork City serves scones and sandwiches. I’ve not yet had one though I did snap this photo.

And just so you have a cup of tea to go with all these scone photos, here is a cup painted by Mrs. Doyle herself!Would You Like A Cup of Tea?

Where in Ireland have you found the best scone?


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