Well Visit – This Blog’s May 2012 Stats

I haven’t talked about the every so exciting world of this blog’s visitor statistics in a while and it’s a rainy day here so I thought… why not? Yes, there are many reasons why not to delve into this but I’m going to anyway and am doing it for my other blogs too! Cooking Peas & Qs and Spring Stitches, if you’re trying to remember their names. So, here we go…

Views in May 2012:
4,326 (an average of 140 per day)
For comparison, the blog had 34 views in October 2008 when I moved this blog to WordPress. As you know, the blog started in when I moved to Ireland.

Views by country for May 2012 and part of June 2012:
5,788 in Ireland;
1,044 in America;
   389 in United Kingdom.
I’ve only listed those countries whose visitor counts are over 100 for this time period.

Most popular blog post (and second-most) for May 2012 and part of June 2012:
How to Get a Provisional Driving Licence, aka Learner’s Permit, in Ireland (1,786 views)
Vintage & Second-hand Shopping in Cork City (916 views)

Popular search terms that brought people to my blog for May 2012 and part of June 2012:
“Ireland provisional driving licence” or some combination of that interest = 681 views 


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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