Tasting Summer at Fresco Bistro

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June 26, 2012 by Evin

You’d think I’d still be full after the last time I went to Fresco Bistro for a tasting of potential dishes for their menu! But with summer coming it was time for more taste testing. This time with Rachael (@glassofwin) who was visiting from Los Angeles, California (whom I was lucky enough to meet through Twitter). We managed to devour about nine courses a couple of weeks ago with LB cheering us on from his stroller. Here’s the bite-by-bite detail on the late lunch that had my full until breakfast the next day!

We started with a seafood cappuccino. It is a cream with a hint of salmon. The frothy topping felt luxurious, especially for a soup. Smoked salmon and mushrooms with chives and a bit of dried red pepper flake for a gentle heat and earthy flavor. Perfection in a cup.



Spicy crab on French toast combined spice and subtle sweetness. The crab itself had a great texture like dried coconut slivers.


Rye pancake with eggs and smoked mackerel. I’m not usually a fan of scrambled eggs but this tasteful and tasty jumble of eggs and smoked fish was delightful.


Thin rye pancake with gravlax, chives, and sour cream. Mmmm.


A spicy fried calamari with light raspberry dip. The calamari was PERFECT and not at all over or undercooked. No garden hose here, folks!


Spicy chicken with pineapple alongside a braised cabbage salsa, rice, and papodom.


Pan-seared sea bass with Absolut citrus salsa. I LOVED THIS! Which is why there are SO many photos of it.




Spicy mackerel in a curry tamarind with ochre and served with bratta.

We finished with prawn ravioli with shiitake mushrooms and a generous drizzle of prawn bisque.

Lucky LB got to be wheeled home but we enjoyed the walk after that feast. Lucky girls we were! You can see Rachael’s photos of the courses in her Flickr photostream.

Disclosure: In accordance with the FTC guidelines for bloggers, I disclose that the taster plates were provided to me free of charge so I could be informed about their menu. This was in no way payment or compensation. The words written and photographs taken are completely my own and true to my opinions and beliefs.


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