Blog Awards Ireland Welcomes Nominations

We all remember that last year Damien Mulley stepped down from the helm of Irish Blog Awards leaving a nation wondering what was in store for the blogging community in 2012. To be fair, it was his hard work and the success of the Irish Blog Awards that made this shift so disappointing. But then Blog Awards Ireland hatched this Spring and has opened nominations. Some of the same categories exist as in Irish Blog Awards but some things are different. 

The most important thing to remember is that Irish Blog Awards and Blog Awards Ireland are two separate and unrelated entities. Don’t worry, Irish Blog Awards and Blog Awards Ireland are not rival entities. @IrishBlogAwards Tweeted, “Note: Irish Blog Awards are not restarting or continuing under another name and we have not handed over the running of the event to anyone.” and in a later Tweet encouraged, “Have a look at @blogawardsie who are running Blog Awards Ireland in October. Not affiliated with us but we’re glad to see a replacement.”  Irish Blog Awards was Damien Mulley and it is not taking place in 2012. Blog Awards Ireland is new in 2012 and run by Amanda WebbBeatrice Whelan and Lorna Sixsmith

It is completely free to nominate a blog, even your own. The Blog Awards Ireland nomination page states, “Nominations open on 1st June 2012 and close on 16th July 2012. Just fill in the form to enter your blog, you can enter your blog in more than one category.”

Oh, and while I’m talking about it, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you how to nominate one of my blogs. Shameless, I know. I write five blogs but these three are the ones that have been going for four years and are looking presentable (the other two are being renovated). The related category information is in bold as I describe each blog below. Click on the related banner/header or blog name below to access that blog. Of course, if you like how it looks on your mobile phone or handheld device, feel free to nominate it in the Best Mobile Design category. All can be nominated in the Best Personal Blog category.


40 Shades of Life is a personal blog about being an American in Cork, Ireland. It’s all about Food/Drink and the Lifestyle here.

Best Personal Blog

Best Overall Blog and Best Blog Post


Cooking Peas & Qs is a personal blog with recipes. It’s all about Food/Drink.

Best Food/Drink Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Overall Blog and Best Blog Post


Spring Stitches is a personal blog about knitting and sewing. It’s all about Crafts and making things.

Best Craft Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Overall Blog and Best Blog Post

You can nominate any of my blogs for Blog Awards Ireland 2012 (or another favorite Irish blog such as these food blogs or these craft/knitting blogs). Just click the image below to access the nomination form. Don’t delay. Nominations are open for a limited time only.

Blog Awards Ireland

To make it super easy to nominate one of my blogs, here is a screen shot of the entry form already filled out with blogger (that’s me) contact email, so you know:

Blog Awards Ireland Nomination Form Sample
Blog Awards Ireland Nomination Form Sample

No matter who is nominated and who wins, it comes down to the fact that we’re all out here writing posts and sharing our experiences with others [and not even caring that we’re making no money from it]. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

The Blog Awards Ireland event will take place on Saturday, 13 October, 2012 at Osprey Hotel in Naas, County Kildare.


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  1. So that’s how to do it. Thanks Evin. Now to try it. But where do I find a list of other blogs other than the list you provide. What if you are biased in favor of Cork bloggers?

    1. The two lists that I link to in this post are of blogs across Ireland focused on knitting/crafts and food. But just trust your personal taste and nominate the blog(s) you read and enjoy the most. If the blogger happens to be based in Cork, so be it. 😉

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