Learn about Pure Seeds for Home-growing from Madeline McKeever

On Thursday, 29th of March at 7:30 p.m. Cork Free Choice Consumer Group is hosting a lecture by botanist and cultivator of garden life Madeline McKeever at the Crawford Art Gallery Café on the topic of Saving Your Own Seeds. Ms. McKeever will be discussing the importance of and techniques for saving vegetable seeds from tomatoes, beans, lettuce, courgettes and more. She’ll explain how to produce pure seeds and prevent inbreeding. You’ll learn about basic genetics and pollination as well as proper storage tips. All this knowledge and earthy fun for €6 (includes tea/coffee).

Madeline McKeever’s name may ring a bell [pepper] (my pathetic garden humor there) because she is one of the Brown Envelope Seeds team and was featured (with an amazingly fun portrait) in an article in The Southern Star this past Christmas Eve. Since 2004, Brown Envelope Seeds has encouraged growing one’s own food, which as it happens is her philosophy: “To enable people to grow their own food.” And just to prove you can grow your own produce and still have a job, hobbies, and a social life, you can find Brown Envelope Seeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Blogspot (oh yes, Ms. McKeever blogs!). Oh and there’s a whole blog post just about beetroot, one of my favorites.

If you attended last month’s lecture by Susan Turner on cultivating and growing your own vegetables in your garden or allotment, this lecture will help you go one step further by emphasizing the importance of the seeds themselves. If you’re into gardening, allotments, or pure vegetables and fruit, this event is for you.

Crawford Art Gallery Café (map of location • info on city parking options)
Thursday 29th March at 7.30pm
Entrance €6 including Tea & Coffee

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