Sarah Riordan’s night as Fenns Quay Chef du Jour

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March 15, 2012 by Evin

Last week, I enjoyed a delectable meal which was designed by amateur chef Sarah Riordan of Athy. She submitted a menu to Kate Lawlor of Fenns Quay and was chosen to be part of the second round of competitions as part of the restaurant’s Chef du Jour challenge. To refresh your memory, the first round included the culinary imagination of Paul Callaghan (I’m still raving about his cheesecake) and Tramore’s Jeni Pim (who won that round). Sarah Riordan was in the second round of the challenge against Paul Axford (his amuse bouche was something I could have eaten for a month without getting bored of it). This post is about Sarah’s menu.

Sarah’s amuse bouche was a kale and creamy soup in a shot glass alongside pork belly. I am allergic to pork so mine was served with tasty and addictive crispy parsnip ribbons. Here are photos of the intended amuse bouche and my own plate.

Amuse bouche by Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

Amuse bouche by Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

Amuse bouche by Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

Sarah’s starter was beetroot risotto with tiny cubes of tangy roast beetroot and a beetroot crisp on top with a dollop of Ardsallagh goat cheese. And if you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember I’m a sucker for beetroot anything.

Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay and her starter is Beetroot risotto with Ardsallagh

Her main course was duck confit with carrots, carrot butter, carrot mousse (OMG so good), with nutmeg dauphinoise. Every bite was perfection!

Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

For dessert, Sarah’s sweet finale to the enjoyable evening was deconstructed peanut butter chocolate pie. Which reminded me of an episode of Top Chef in the U.S. Only the one on TV was gavin an identity crisis (like it wanted to be deconstructed but the chef wasn’t bold enough to take the leap completely).

Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

The result? My fellow judges and I awarded Sarah four-and-a-half stars. Just a bit more than Paul Axford’s four-star menu the week before.

Fenn’s Quay
Shears Street, Cork City
Tel: 021 4279527
Chef Kate on Twitter

Sarah Riordan is Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

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