Tonight! Something special for dinner with Chef du Jour 2012 at Fenns Quay

Tonight is the final night of four for the Chef du Jour challenge at Fenns Quay. This event gave amateur chefs the opportunity to create an original menu and execute it with professional help in a restaurant kitchen. This kind of opportunity does not often happen outside of culinary academies or reality TV shows, but Fenns Quay thought to make it more approachable. Four chefs competed in this event with the two winners of each pairing advancing on to the finals (on a Sunday in April). In November, Jeni Pimm won in her challenge with Paul Callaghan. Each ‘chef’ was carefully selected based on the menu submitted.

Sarah Riordan is chef du jour tonight. She loves cooking and eating and blogs about it on YummyNom’s Culinary Adventures. Sarah hopes to beat last week’s contender Paul Axford with her menu. Sarah’s menu is distributed when guests arrive tonight, but rumor has it pork belly will make an appearance as well as some unusual breads, risotto, duck confit, and a deconstructed chocolate dessert. Barry’s tea or coffee all, of course! It’s just €36 per person (or a discounted €144 total for a group of five), kicking off 8pm. 

It may sound like a competition in the kitchen, but in the dining room of Fenns Quay, diners just get good food that was prepared expertly with local ingredients and a dash of creativity. Three judges (Billy Lyons and Margaret UmNumNum Smith and ME) rate the meal on various elements and stars are awarded, which determine who advances to the final. Meanwhile, there is great conversation, hearty laughter, and delicious bite-after-bite of good food. A great evening!

€36 per person for a carefully-crafted four-course menu plus coffee or tea (beer/wine is extra but they have a lovely wine list and stock 8 Degrees craft brew beers). Spaces are still available for tonight, so ring Fenns Quay now to reserve your place. Tel: 021 4279527 (Be sure to request a seat for Chef du Jour when you ring for your booking). Oh yes, and a special offer for the final night of Chef du Jour is that if you and your friends get a group of five or more together, Fenns Quay will give your group a 20% discount. Do the math, people, that’s €144 (plus alcohol and gratuity) for a night out for five people!! So, get organized and join us tonight at Fenns Quay’s Chef du Jour.

This is an ideal night out if you want to try something new that isn’t being served on any other menu in the city. And if you’re a foodie…well, you should definitely join us because we’d have so much to talk about between courses!!! Hope to see you there.

Fenn’s Quay
Shears Street, Cork City
Tel: 021 4279527
Chef Kate on Twitter

No 5 Fenns Quay, Cork City

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