Reserve Your Seat for Chef du Jour at Fenns Quay

Fenns Quay is hosting the second ever Chef du Jour challenge the next two Wednesday nights: February 29 and on March 7. €36 per person per evening for a carefully crafted four-course menu. Spaces are limited for each evening so ring the restaurant now to reserve your place (Tel: 021 4279527).

The Chef du Jour challenge revolves around two amateur home chefs who are guest head chef one night each in Fenns Quay’s kitchen. Each is selected based on the menu submitted and from what I’ve heard, this pair will knock your socks off! Leading the kitchen on the first night, Feb. 29th, is Paul Axford. Paul is an enthusiastic amateur cook and a Leeds Rhinos fan. Check out his blog, Probably Ranting. Sharing her culinary fanaticism on the second night, Mar. 7th, is Sarah Riordan. Sarah love cooking and eating. Check out her blog, YummyNom’s Culinary Adventures.

When asked, head chef and owner Kate Lawlor stated the best three qualities for success in a professional kitchen are flexibility, knowledge of ingredients and timing. You can sense her enthusiasm for the event. Kate went on to say, “I enjoy passing on knowledge but also learning from those who I meet & bring in to the kitchen”. Well, there you have it, from head chef to chef for the night, Chef du Jour is not just a challenge but a chance for those in the kitchen to learn and an opportunity for those in the restaurant to taste an original menu that may never be duplicated again.

Be sure to request a seat for Chef du Jour when you ring Fenns Quay for a booking. €36 per person per night for the four-course menu.

Fenn’s Quay
Shears Street, Cork City
Tel: 021 4279527
Chef Kate on Twitter

No 5 Fenns Quay, Cork City

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