Foodie’s Guide to Ireland: A Collection of Posts & Links

I have four blogs and three manage to include posts about food, which begs the question… Do I think about anything else? Um, no, not really. If someone asks me what color something is, I’ll likely answer with a food. Mention you’re visiting a certain country or city and I’ll literally be chomping at the bit to tell you my favorite dining spots there. It is rather comical how predictable I am when it comes to food but it is also somewhat handy because it drives my food photography, cooking, and travel adventures in a pleasant and delicious direction. So for those like me who start thinking about dinner as they are nibbling on the last bits of lunch, here is a list of my favorite food information, resources, and places in Ireland so you can plan your next trip.

Daily Specials at Nimmo's in Galway

All my 40 Shades of Life blog posts about Irish Cuisine & Restaurants

More 40 Shades of Life posts about Irish food: 

Eat Locally, Shop Locally in Cork City

Exotic Beers and Microbrews in Cork City

O’Conaill’s Chocolatier

Dublin Dining

Dining at An Canteen in Dingle

Good Food Ireland Cork Week Kick-off

Milk Delivery Services

Cork City Survival Kit

Lemon Tart at Farmgate, Midleton

All my Cooking Peas & Qs blog posts about Irish Cuisine & Restaurants

More Cooking Peas & Qs posts about Irish food: 

Make It An ELECTRIC Night Out

Market 57 in Westport, Co. Mayo

Jarred Cranberry Sauce Comparison

Celebrating ‘The Country Cooking of Ireland’

Good Food Ireland kicks off Cork Week

Eat Locally, Shop Locally

Luck O‘ The Irish

Banoffee Fudge Exists Outside My Dreams

Delicious Blogs & Websites

• Good Food Ireland

• Food Fight

• Great Food

• Cheap Eats IE

• Munster Pubs

• Cork Food Blog (Billy, Co. Cork)

• Ballymaloe Cookery School (Darina, Co. Cork)

• Cooking Peas & Q’s (Evin, Cork City)

• 40 Shades of Life (Evin, Cork City)

• Bibliocook (Cork City)

• Good Mood Food Blog (Donal Skehan, Dublin)

• Beer Nut (Dublin)

• The Dublin Gobbler (Dublin)

• Boho Kitchen (Candi, Waterford)

• Val’s Kitchen (Val, Limerick)

• Limerick Post Food Section (Limerick)

• Irish Craft Brewer

• Beer Geek in Ireland

The English Market - Where My Hunger Goes to Die and My Culinary Imagination Flourishes

Restaurants & Local Culinary Creators

Fenns Quay Restaurant

Liberty Grill

Ballymaloe House

Greenes Restaurant

Market Lane

FarmGate Restaurant at The English Market

Crawford Gallery  Café

Ristorante Casanova

Café Paradiso

Orchids Restaurant at Hayfield Manor Hotel

Franciscan Well

Bierhaus Cork

Luigi Malones

•   Alternative Bread Company
•   Ardsallagh Goat Farm
•   Baldwin’s Ice Cream
•   Ballymaloe House
•   Ballyvolane House
•   Cafe Paradiso
•   Cronin’s Pub
•   Fishy Fishy
•   Glebe Café
•   Gubbeen Smokehouse
•   Hayfield Manor
•   Liberty Grill
•   Lorge Chocolatier
•   McCarthy’s Family Butchers
•   Nash 19
•   O’Brien Chop House
•   O’Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages
•   On the Pig’s Back
•   The Poachers Inn
•   Seymour’s of Cork

The Woodford, Paul Street, Cork City


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