What Gets Me Through the Week – Irish Packing List

When I packed to move to Ireland nearly four years ago, I got rid of all my Polo, Abercrombie, Hilfiger, and typically ‘American’ clothes and brought H&M stuff in the hope that I would fit in better. It intimidated me to be moving to Europe. Sure, it was Ireland and many pictured 40 shades of green in fields from shore-to-shore but I knew better. But I didn’t know best. After being here for a while, I missed my clothes and found I yearned to replace the things I got rid of. That v-neck brown lightweight sweater is still eluding me (I’m so sorry you went to Goodwill, my darling). Interesting to me, the preppy brands I wore most were seen as cool here. So, I guess I wish someone had told me to just be myself and pack what I wore most. Which leads me to think about what I wear the most that is true to my personal style while also suiting my daily life here in Cork City. Here’s a list of the items I use most on a weekly basis year-round (in case you haven’t caught on, there really isn’t summer here so much as some days that are warmer or sunnier and sometimes two will even happen sequentially!).

On cold days, my super warm fleece-lined but not bulky hooded Lands End Squall parka
On non-cold days, a Waxed Cotton Jacket

My Bean Boots (or good Wellies)
My knee-high Rockport leather boots
My Clarks Women’s Un.Glare Mary-Jane Flat (mine got me through Italy and France)

My zip-up fleece
Lightweight cardigans

Hair tamers to survive the wind and rain
Lightweight washable gloves
Lightweight washable hat, preferably handknit

Washable and reusable carrier totes (like this canvas one I designed and use daily) for groceries (there is a charge to get a plastic bag from stores here) plus my Built Neoprene Two-Bottle Wine Tote for Schlor, wine, or juice bottles
Hand moisturizer (my favorite is Burt’s Bees Hand Creme)

There are many other obvious things like tees, socks (I opt for knee-high argyle from October to April), hairbrush, umbrella (not that it would stand up on a lashing windy day) and the like. This list is just the stuff that when I can’t find I go searching for immediately.

If you’re visiting Cork City, you may want to pack these items:
• Comfortable walking shoes & socks
• A jacket and/or umbrella for the rain
• Clothing in layers to accommodate the capricious weather
• Local currency – We’re on the Euro
• Your camera
• Sunglasses, for when it’s not raining
• Large enough purse to fit the basics, zip-top is helpful given the rainy/windy climate

I *Heart* Snow 3

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