January Sales

When I first moved from the States, I was confused my the concept of January sales. Didn’t the stores have big sales all year? You know, President’s Day Sale, March Madness Sale, Memorial Day Sale, Back To School Sale, Columbus Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, Post-Christmas Sale,… Evidently, big sales are not commonplace here so January is the time to shop. The rest of the year, you may see special deals, promotions, or sale racks, but the big store-wide sales and massive deals are from December 26 (see photo below of the 7am queue at NEXT Opera Lane this year) through the end of January. As I learned, by late January it’s pretty “well picked over”. And for some things, it’s even picked over by Noon on December 26th (like Brown Thomas’s handbag department). But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to plan ahead. This year, I picked up a warm puffy coat for baby for around a tenner for next winter as well as some gifts for a group holiday gift exchange (this group does its exchange at Women’s Little Christmas).

It is especially great to shop the sales when doing a price-limit gift exchange because the same amount of money goes further. My recipient this year received a silver pendant on a leather necklace from Monsoon, basting sauce from M&S, cable knit slipper socks from NEXT, two glass ramekins from a gourmet store, snowflake tissues from NEXT, and a sequin belt/scarf/handband from Monsoon (plus jelly beans from the States).

But why are the sales just in January? I have no idea but I have embraced it.

Opening the Doors to Shoppers

Open Doors


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