Brilliant Idea for Holiday Shopping Day in the City

I love Cork. Having said that, I also love The Brooks Hotel in Dublin. It is my oasis of calm in the Fair City. A short walk to shopping and dining, but peaceful and decadent within the walls of the hotel itself. There is even a library which makes my heart skip a beat.

Something about The Brooks and December just goes together for me. Maybe it’s because the first time I ever stayed there was for my birthday a few years ago. To commemorate my special day, they put freshly baked cookies in my room at bedtime. Yes, cookies. The way to my heart is most certainly through my stomach. I’m on their mailing list so when I read that they are offering some special December deals, I looked at their website. Sure, I have a newborn so traveling is a new and interesting challenge. Heck, sleeping in my own bed is a challenge these days!

Their website is where brilliance was seen in the form of their Shop, Drop & Stop at Brooks deal. For €25 per person, you get a morning scone and coffee at their Café Lounge to start your shopping day then go around find your gifts then return to their Jasmine Bar for a soup and sandwich lunch when the concierge will check your shopping parcels so after you refuel you can go back out with your arms unladen to shop some more. When your day winds down, return for your parcels and enjoy mince pie and coffee. Sounds like such a lovely day!!

Yes, a hotel is offering a deal that has nothing to do with their beds or guest rooms. Considering their location on Drury Street (near Grafton and Powerscourt Shopping Centre) and the recession, this somehow makes such complete sense. It immediately made me curious if there is a hotel or restaurant in Cork offering such a deal. Especially because I know of at least one friend who drove from Killarney just for a day of Christmas shopping here in Cork City. So, Leesiders, is there a deal locally? It would be especially smart to offer with the information that Paul Street has some free parking hours in November.

Here’s a screen shot of the deal from The Brooks’ website (click to visit their deals page online):

Shop, Drop & Stop at Brooks Hotel


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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