My Favorite Blogs About Life in Ireland

I am often asked as a blogger what blogs I read and often rattle off one or two that I can’t live without, but thought it was high time I put together a list of those about life in Ireland to share with you. I also compiled a massive list of all the blogs I like to read, in all topics.

Those in bold are ones I read on a daily or weekly basis or written by people I know and admire in the ‘real world’.

New MacBook Pro

If you know I read your blog or if you have a fabulous blog, please tell me so I can add it here.

40 Shades of Life, formerly Slainte, Cork – My blog

An American in Ireland

Artisan Food Journal

Cork Billy

Cork Blogs

Cork Non-Fiction Writers Group

Croissant Craic

Dine & Wine Club Cork

Donal Cahalane

Donal Skehan

Food Culture, West Cork

I Married An Irish Farmer

Irish Food Bloggers Association

James Whelan Butchers

Info Ireland

A Jamaican-American Expat in Cork, Ireland

James Whelan Butchers

Lindsay’s Misadventures in THE WORLD

Munster Pubs Blog


Running in Cork, Ireland

Running in Munster, Ireland

Spirited Shannon

Wayfaring Stranger

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