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I recently went to dinner at a friends’ (L & G) house. Now, these are friends I’ve known all my life and their wives, so seeing them is like seeing family. There is a comfort and excitement in spending time with them, which makes me want to see them when I do occasionally make it back to the U.S. for a visit. Well, I had not yet been to L & G’s new house. I’ve seen the Facebook updates on its renovation and sprucing up, but nothing prepared me for the charming domicile they have created. They retained the original architecture while addressing modern lifestyle needs. Just lovely. Of course, when seeing the space, I asked G if she reads Young House Love, to which she enthusiastically responded ‘Yes!’ Then a conversation started about what other blogs we each read. It is delightful that reading has once again taken a focus in conversation, even if it is blogs, it is still informative and entertaining. Of course, science, books, current affairs, and all sorts of other topics were discussed that evening, but her asking me what other blogs I read really got me thinking so I wanted to share this list with you.

New MacBook Pro

The list of blogs is divided by topic. Most, I only read once a month or a couple times a year when I am curled up in bed with a cold and can’t focus on a knitting project or actual book. Those in bold are ones I read on a daily or weekly basis. Oh, and the ones in italics are my blogs or blogs by friends or people I respect and know in the ‘real world’. Occasionally, blogs are listed in multiple categories because I couldn’t decide which is the dominant topic. I only wanted to spend a few minutes compiling this list so it is probably missing a few, so if you know I read your blog or if you have a fabulous blog, please tell me so I can add it here.


Adventures in Veg….

Artisan Food Journal

Bijou Kaleidoscope

Boho Kitchen

Bonnie the Baker

Brilliant Spread

Chocolate & Zucchini

Chronicles of a Curious Cook

Cooking Peas & Qs – My blog

Cooking with Quinn

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Cork Billy

Culinary Explorer

Culinary Travels

Cupcake Corner

Cupcakes by Katie

Donal Skehan

eat like a girl

Eating, Gardening & Living

The English can cook

Felixhirsch’s tour de table

Food Culture, West Cork

Food Blogs

Food Nuts



GOOP | Make & GOOP’s list of Food Blogs

Harvard | Science & Cooking  (podcasts)

House of Annie

I have a friend in cheeses

I Married An Irish Farmer

Irish Food Bloggers Association

James Whelan Butchers

Just Food Now

La Fille De La Ville

Local Gourmands

Local Lemons

Maison Celeste

Modernist Cuisine Blog

Moira Milis

My Orne Kitchen Diary

Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

No Fear Entertaining



Plain Chicken


Restaurants and Food in Cork



smitten kitchen

Steamy Kitchen Blog

Stuff I make, bake and love

Sustainable Tea Leaf

Suzi’s Green Kitchen (Ecogrl Cooks!!)

swEEts by e

Teen Baker

Try It Tuesday

UmNumNum Cork

What Katie Ate

A Year of Slow Cooking by Stephanie O’Dea

Your House Cooking


40 Shades of Life, formerly Slainte, Cork – My blog

An American in Ireland

Artisan Food Journal

Cork Billy

Cork Blogs

Cork Non-Fiction Writers Group

Croissant Craic

Dine & Wine Club Cork

Donal Cahalane

Donal Skehan

Food Culture, West Cork

I Married An Irish Farmer

Irish Food Bloggers Association

James Whelan Butchers

Info Ireland

A Jamaican-American Expat in Cork, Ireland by talented voice over professional Arlene Cooke

James Whelan Butchers

Lindsay’s Misadventures in THE WORLD

Munster Pubs Blog


Running in Cork, Ireland

Running in Munster, Ireland

Spirited Shannon

Wayfaring Stranger


40 Shades of Life, formerly Slainte, Cork – My blog

France Journeys


Karen Burke’s Wanderlustful Contemplations

QLI Travel


Apartment 132

Bijou Kaleidoscope

Decor 8

Gorgeous Shiny Things

Interior House Decorate

Little Green Notebook by Pearl Street Interiors

Made by Girl



Totally Together Reviews – consumer reviews on domestic products by Stephanie O’Dea

Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Young House Love


Advanced Style



Fashion For Nerds

Fashionable Politics

Lauren Moffatt | Blog

May December by Melissa C. Morris

modern renaissance


Totally Together Reviews – consumer reviews on domestic products by Stephanie O’Dea

What I Wore Today



Blue Ocean Strategy

Donal Cahalane

Ignite the Promise by Baldwin H. Tom

Lead on Purpose

Management Craft

Matt Mullenweg

Scot McKee | Blog

Seth Godin blog


Sinead Duffy’s Personal Development Blog

The Social Media Marketing Blog



2knit or not 2knit?

200 Shawl Project

American Quilter in Ireland

Amy Butler Inspiration

Aran Brew

Art of Craft

Authentic Fiction

Baffin Bags

Boy Meets Purl

b r o o k l y n t w e e d

Checkout Girl

Cork’s Pink Auction 2010 – I co-write this blog

The Crafty Alley Shop Blog

crazy mom quilts

Cut Out + Keep | Blog

Design*Sponge Projects

Devon Fine Fibres

Diary of a Crafty Chica

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

Dyed in the Wool – Crafting in North-West England

Elliefants Delights

Eoin Lyons

Etsy Ireland

Famille Summerbelle

Grace Violet

Grand Revival Designs

Green apples

Happy Stitches

Heather Bailey Blog

hoogli art

Hook’s Law

hot pads! and potholders – the swap

In The Loop – Skein Lane

Irish Knitting Blogs

Irish Knitting & Crochet

jane maynard design

Joel Dewberry

Katie Aaberg


림’s 하우스 :: 네이버 블로그 (Lim’s Blog)

Lit’l Brown Bird’s Passion

LucyKate Crafts…

Maison Celeste

Make it and Mend it

Making Blog

Misplaced Texan

mosaic yarn shop


My Patchwork

Knitting with Sandra Singh

Maru Designs


Never Not Knitting

Organic Growing Pains

Peaceful Threads by Fiona

petit main sauvage

Phat Fiber Sample Box

Pretty Knitty Jewelry


Posie Gets Cozy

The Purly Gates

Purly Qs

the rainey sisters

retro mama

Ruffled Feathers

Saartje Knits

The Scrappy Knitter

Sevi Designs

She Knit Up That Ball

shescrafty handknits



Spring Stitches – My blog

Springwools Blog

State of Bliss

Sticks & String

Stuff I make, bake and love



waldorf mama

westknits — Stephen West

whip up

Woolly Way in Ireland

Yarn on the House


Chica Writer

Cork Non-Fiction Writers Group

Daily Writing Practice

Diary of a Crafty Chica

Eats, Shoots, and Lays

Illusions of Intimacy

Maison Celeste

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Romance Author Kemberlee

Telecommuter Talk



May December by Melissa C. Morris

Sturdymama’s Stories


Being Gwenelle

Emily Evans Eerdmans

Everything Glorious

the paris apartment

Staying on course


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  1. I love reading things on language. You might possibly enjoy one of my favorites, Separated By A Common Language. It’s by M. Lynne Murphy, the Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and English at U of Sussex. She blogs about the differences between British English and American English. Lynne is also an American ex-pat living in the UK.

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