Where will Cork City’s World Wide Knit In Public Day be held?

As the 2011 World Wide Knit In Public Day approaches, we are trying to put together a casual gathering for Cork City’s knitters (and crocheters).

We are seeking a place to meet for a few hours on Saturday, 11 June. The Cork event for this day will be happening in Cork City and planned by the local knitting group Cork SnB with enthusiastic support by the Douglas group.

This event welcomes all to participate, observe, or even just stop in to snap a pic.
As this is a free community event, we do not have a budget for renting event space and require something publicly accessible. Based on past events, there will be 20-30 knitters and crocheters throughout the day at the event with passerby enjoying the reminder of the age-old craft. If the venue is adjacent to or within a café, that means an influx of crafty customers.

Two years ago, it was held in Fitzgerald Park, but with Irish weather what it is (fickle), having someplace with a roof seems wiser. Of course, if no such venue is found for our €0.00 budget, the event will again take place as a casual picnic-style meet-up in Fitzgerald Park.

If you may know of a location in Cork City, please comment or give me a shout on Twitter @FreckledPast to start the conversation. Thank you!

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