Ask Evin – What is the Irish equivalent of baking soda?

Last month, a fellow expat messaged me because my Cooking Peas & Q’s food blog gave her the hope I could answer this Irish cooking question.


Hey Evin,
I know you’re a big foodie. I am trying to make a nice V-Day dinner tomorrow for my hubby and need baking soda for the dessert. Problem is I can NEVER find it in the store, I heard it was called something else here. Do you know what it’s called and would Tesco or something like that carry it?? Oh the joys of grocery shopping in Ireland 🙂


Hi Christina,
You want ‘bicarbonate of soda’ to use as baking soda.
If, however, you need baking powder and can’t find it, here is the formula to make it:

3 teaspoons baking powder = 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda + 2 teaspoons cream of tartar

Here’s my recipe blog, for future reference: – I also share recipes at
Though it is sometimes a challenge grocery shopping in a foreign country, it is also exciting to see all the new options and exotic (to me) ingredients. There are so many amazing things here that I’ve come to love.
Happy Baking!

Irish Baking Ingredients


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  1. my biggest thing was finding corn starch…. and discovering it’s called corn flour here. Just happened upon your blog today and will have fun reading, i’m sure. I’m also an American expat – living just outside of Fermoy 🙂

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