Ballycotton 10-Mile Road Race – Photos!

Yesterday, the 34th annual Ballycotton ’10’ drew a crowd of over 2,000 runners to the charming town in East Cork for a classic road race with a strong reputation. Though it was quite chilly and completely overcast, the rain held off and the wind stayed away. In the end, it almost seemed better to have it colder instead of last year’s sunny warmth. The chilled spectators, cheering supporters, and race volunteers shared enthusiasm for the lively and fun event that in spite of its size and popularity continues to feel like a real gem in the running community and in Ireland.

Photo: Alan O’Shea of Bantry was second to cross the finish line.

I was there cheering on a few friends and my husband, so I stationed myself at the finish line with my knitting project then switched to my DSLR when finishers started approaching. The result is a few rows done of my R2D2 Fair Isle hat and over 700 photos of runners crossing the finish line with clock boasting impressive times (and several personal bests) overhead (with the Ballycotton ’10’ Nike banner in the background). I uploaded ALL 750-some photos I took yesterday to a Ballycotton ’10’ 2001 Set on Flickr and am working my way through the images to tag them with visible race bib numbers. The images should also be searchable on Most finishers were captured from the second over the line to around 1:36 then it dwindled a bit. Near the start of the race, I captured video of the around 2,400 runners getting on their way which I will post this week if it isn’t too big.

Official Ballycotton ’10’ Preliminary Race Results

Cork Running post-race blog post with useful links to photos, results, and news

Direct link to my Ballycotton ’10’ photos on Flickr

All Ballycotton 10 photos via

Photo: Loved seeing so many smiling faces at the finish!

Photo: The sense of community and feeling of achievement could not be overlooked, especially when seeing friends and family cross the finish line holding hands.

Though I did not attend last year’s Ballycotton, my cameras and I do attend other races to cheer for my husband and our friends, such as the 2009 and 2010 Cork City Marathon, Fota’s 2010 Cheetah Run, 2009 Dingle Marathon, and 2010 Galway City Marathon, so if you are a runner you may be in my photos. Check out my blog posts about the events or my Flickr collection of running, races, and sporting events to search for yourself.

MY IMAGE SHARING FINE PRINT: If you ran in this race or your loved one did, you are most welcome to download or share the photos I took of you during the race. That’s why I post them. You did all the hard work of training, running, and finishing, I just happened to be there with a camera. Feel free to use it as your Facebook profile pic. You earned it! I only have two requests:
1) Give me (Evin O’Keeffe) credit for standing out there in the cold/rain/sun for hours on end to get these pictures (then spending even more hours carefully tagging them with bib numbers, sometimes even doing color/light adjustments in Photoshop). If you put it online or on your blog link back to the Flickr album please.
2) Don’t accept money for this image in any form. I don’t make money on these photos and neither should you. This includes downloading these photos to sell to other runners or blackmailing your friends with images of them looking particularly wrecked and sweaty crossing the finish line.


2 thoughts on “Ballycotton 10-Mile Road Race – Photos!

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  1. Great post! Maybe someday Adam will be in one of your photos crossing the finish line! Did I get it correctly that you are knitting an R2D2 hat, as in Star Wars?! You have one lucky nephew. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Well done! Great shots! I love to watch families cross the finish line together! Every year my family and I head down to the finish line of the cork city marathon to cheer people on as they finish. This year I’m going to run it! See you then!

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