Experiencing Christmas Kindness on Patrick’s Street

It was Christmas Eve last year when I realized that our M&S coupons were expiring today. Goodness, that was a useful voucher, but we didn’t need anything or have space in the fridge or cabinets for more groceries. That’s ok, I would just run over and hand them to shoppers who could make use of them. We needed milk anyway, so it wasn’t a frivolous trip to the store.

The vouchers came from spending a certain amount during the Christmas season and would bring the bearer a monetary discount off grocery items totaling a certain amount. Very handy for anyone doing a big shopping trip on Christmas Eve no doubt!

I arrived at the store to find it bustling with Christmas ‘joy’ and last-minute shopping. Looking for someone with a cart full of groceries (which would bring the magical total making the discount possible), I found someone and cautiously approached. How could I explain this without sounding crazy. After all, people don’t just give people things for no reason, even if it is Christmas Eve.

“Sorry, hi there. I was wondering if you’d like my spare voucher. I won’t be buying enough to make it worthwhile and it expires today.” Hmm, that actually sounded normal. Cool.

“Sure.” the man takes the voucher in exchange for a confused and surprised expression.

I make another circuit around the shop, but no one else with a cart or heavy basket so I give up, grab the milk we need at home, and queue up to pay. The couple in front of me have two baskets filled with items. Maybe they could use the voucher. I repeat my now successful line to them. They look at my milk, probably making sure I sincerely wasn’t in need of the discount myself then accept the slip of paper. Then they say something about my still using the voucher and they take my milk from me.

This couple whom I had just met in the queue ended up including my milk in with their purchases. Because they used the voucher I gave them, the milk cost them nothing, but it still took a moment of generosity for them to make that effort. I never got their names, but they are the kind of people who make the world a kinder place!

As we enter this Christmas season, let’s remember that it is a season of giving and that doesn’t just mean what you buy and wrap for under the tree. Think outside the box and give a smile, a kind word, a little more space on a crowded bus, or even let someone with one item go ahead of you in the grocery queue.

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  1. Would you believe this is the first time I have read your blog and you have mentioned it enough times to me!
    I totally agree. Just that little smile or act of kindness can really make someones day.
    My mom recently told me a story – when she was sick around 2 years ago she was fed up of the chemo making her feel ill. One day she just wanted something NICE to eat but didnt know what. She went to the local shop and asked the girl in the deli did they have anything NICE. The shop was about the close but the girl went rummaging around for something for her. Well she ended up with a cake and mom said it was perfect! The girl asked mom was she ok as she didnt seem to me so mom told her that she going through chemo.
    Everytime my mom goes to the shop the girl asks her ‘How are you feeling today?’ or ‘My you are looking great…is your treatment over?’ and so on. Around 2 weeks ago mom went to the shop and the girl was there. Mom went up to her and said ‘I would just like to thank you for being so good to me over the last few years and for getting my that something NICE when I was feeling very bad. I dont think you realise how lovely you are and I will never forget how kind you have been to me’. Mom said the girl started crying but was so so happy that someone had said thank you and that she had made a little difference in someones life.

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