Myths about Ireland

More and more, I become confused that Irish culture myths are not quickly dispelled with a dose of reality, but then it seems the Irish are too busy living life to bother with misinformation that doesn’t hurt anyone. Here are some common myths other countries believe about the Irish and how true they are written by an outsider who’s now a little more of an insider.
The Irish love beer and pubs – KINDA TRUE
They’re not drunk all the time, but pubs do tend to be a central place for a community. But they are different in Ireland than the Irish pubs elsewhere in the world since all ages are permitted until night so it is a hub of news, chatter, and socializing. That having been said the Irish I know work hard and play hard, but Ireland is the second-highest recorded alcohol consumption per capita to Luxembourg. Many pubs serve tea in the daytime and the pints flow at night, but even if you don’t drink alcohol you can enjoy yourself.
They say things like “Top o’ the mornin’,” “Faith and Begorrah,” or “Dontcha know” – FALSE
No one in Ireland says any of the above phrases and when tourists say these things it only makes us look ridiculous. What do the Irish say? They say things like “Slán,” “Fair play to ya,” “Safe home,” and “You’re grand.”
Pub food is where to have real Irish cuisine – NOT EXACTLY
Not all pubs serve hot food and if they do don’t count on it being served at all hours. If you want the traditional fare, like Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, or boxty, try a local restaurant or cafe. Fear not, late night pints can be accompanied by a bag or two of crisps (aka potato chips) from the bar of your local (aka neighborhood pub).
The Irish eat lots of potatoes – TRUE
Ireland is the only place I’ve ever been where a meal can include three kinds of potatoes! I once had a meal of corned beef that was accompanied by leek & potato soup, roast potatoes, and mashed potatoes. Chips (aka French fries), Colcannon, dauphinoise, and champ are also a popular potato side. Potato salad is more rare. But Irish cuisine goes beyond spuds. In fact, if you are a foodie who has not discovered what modern Ireland has on its plate, you are missing out.
Dinner Plate

Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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