Laughing at ‘Black Books’

Before moving to Ireland, I watched a few episodes ofFather Ted and barely chuckled. After moving, I laughed so hard I rolled off the sofa. ‘Black Books’ also makes me laugh out loud. In one particular episode, there is a joke I NEVER would have understood let alone found humorous before living in Ireland. Here’s the exchange from episode (3-3), which is available streaming on

“Oh look, you’ve got a message.”
“No, don’t touch that. The light means the machine needs more salt. Don’t touch it!”
“Manny, it’s your mum. We left a message to say we were coming for the weekend and you didn’t ring us back so we assumed it was ok. We should get there sometime between 5:45 and 5:47.”


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  1. I got so excited when I discovered that Grahame Linehan wrote three of my favourite T.V. Comedies! IT crowd has me in tears laughing. I must watch more Black Books actually, knowing the Irish personally does add a whole new dimension to the funny 😀

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