2010 Cork City Marathon

Sunday, it was sunny and warm. Tuesday is partly cloudy with a bit of blue sky. However, Monday, it was rainy with a little chill in the air. Evidently, Mother Nature listened to runners’ pleas last year when it was too hot for the annual Cork City Marathon because there was little chance of overheating at yesterday’s race.

Cork City Marathon Cheering Section

The course was different from last year which brightened the views of some who tired of the long stretches without encouraging views of the city. There is something about a winding or changing path that at least makes you feel like you’re making progress, but those long stretches giving you the same view step after step lack poetry in motion. Race planners also considered the lengths and evened the distances out a little better for relay teams.

I was out in my Wellies and raincoat cheering for my friends on team Spearmint (3979). Why the name, you may ask. Well, my husband brought back a case of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum on our last trip stateside and a pack was sitting on the corner of the team captain’s desk when she was choosing the team name. Yep, it’s the stuff legends are made of. I guess we’re lucky since she could have had who-knows-what sitting on her desk and the name would have been far less refreshing.

Being out there in the rain with so many enthusiastic people cheering for the runners was heart-warming. After all, how many would have rather stayed in with a cuppa under a cozy blanket. But they were out there, soaked with rain but plenty of spirit! It reminded me of when I did the running leg as part of a relay team in The Make-A-Wish at Sea Colony Triathlon ten years ago. The morning of the event, we awoke to discover strong winds and horizontal rain coming down from an off-shore hurricane. It was, after all, September in the Mid-Atlantic United States. The race was not cancelled in spite of the currents in the ocean being against the direction of the swimmers. One-and-a-half kilometers of ocean swimming must have felt like triple that distance and the stubborn wind did not help the cyclists on their 40 kilometer route either. By the time my turn came, I had been outside for over four hours and was soaked through and through, but still excited to be challenging myself with the race. In the final mile of the race, my mom sent my dad to get me because it was ‘not fit for man nor beast’ out there. He knew better and instead of pulling alongside me with a car, he walked out to meet me with his raincoat on and he joined me for the final stretch. Sure, a nice finishing time is wonderful, setting a new course record must feel like you’re on cloud nine, but something about having someone believe in you enough to cheer you on in pouring down rain that just says so much. So, three cheers for the athletes in the 2010 Cork City Marathon for braving the weather and a round of applause for everyone who was out there cheering them on!

For all who wish to see photos of and results from the race, here are links to other fabulous people who braved the rain:

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My photos from the race:

Cork City Marathon (2010) – Start of the Race from Me (172 photos)

Cork City Marathon (2010) – Victoria Road Relay Changeover Point from Me (178 photos)

Cork City Marathon (2010) – Finish Line from Me (taken from 03:04:13-03:24:13) (292 photos)

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And They're Off!

Taking Cover from the Rain at City Hall



And if you’d like to wax nostalgia about last year’s race weather, here are some photos:

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