Expat Perspectives

So, I’ve noticed that even though I am an American who has lived in Ireland for two years, my posts tend to be more about my new life than about the transition as an expat. The only explanation is that when I moved here, I embraced our new life completely and instead of paying attention to the changes, I let myself be enveloped by Cork City happenings, Irish culture, and local cuisine. And these things embraced me back! But I am beginning to realize that if/when I move back to the States, I will be in for some major culture shock. For this reason, I am going to start posting more about the differences in culture so that I can remind myself what it’s like back in the good old U S of A and you all can have a glimpse into how life is uniquely special in America and in Ireland. All the posts will be categorized as Expat Perspectives and I will also try to include practical things and cultural insights. As always, my posts will be rich with links to other blogs, outside resources, and related merchandise.

Can You Hear The Wind Blowing?


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading about it, and I’m very curious how different your experiences in Dublin are from mine in Newcastle and Edinburgh.

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