Photos from 2010 Cheetah Run at Fota

Last evening, there was a rare sight at Fota Wildlife Park – a stampede of 630* humans with some enthusiastic participation from one ostrich, a dazzle of zebra, and lots of cheering from the monkeys. The 2010 Cheetah Run took place at dusk with lovely weather and this one was for people as opposed to the daily cheetah run for the big cats.
We were there cheering on our favorite runners and snapping a few pics (510 to be exact). I’ve posted the best of the race images on Flickr – Fota’s 2010 Cheetah Run Photos. All photos are tagged with visible bib numbers so if you ran in the race, search within my photostream for your number and photos with you in them will show in the results. If that doesn’t work, it just means there wasn’t a clear image of your complete bib number in my photo so try searching for the bib number of a friend who was running with you or someone else who was running at your pace. Video was also captured but not yet posted, including an ostrich running alongside the race competitors.

Racing Stripes & Solid Smiles

Running in Cork has more information on this race (*including registration number) and other running events in Cork.

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