DC Vacation: Day 21, Country Wedding

Everyone says that your own wedding day is the happiest day of your life, but I disagree with the hope that life will be filled with other joyful moments. One such moment was the wedding of dear family friends last weekend. Some of the highlights that stick with me are interspersed throughout this post with a few photos.

The first time I met the groom was when we were babies so no memories there, but I met the bride on my own wedding day a few years ago when they’d been dating a few months. It isn’t often a new girlfriend is special enough to warrant bringing to a wedding so I was very happy to get to meet her and her enthusiasm for my own wedding refueled me for the rest of the day! Once I saw them together, I knew they were already a couple – this was a partnership, a friendship, and a love for the ages.

Briar Patch Bed & Breakfast

The wedding reception was held at Briar Patch B&B in Virginia. Fields of green grass and blooming buttercups and wildflowers greeted guests while horses grazed in the light of the afternoon sun. I will tell you that this was the most fun I’ve had a wedding EVER! The celebratory spirit was abound and it really was a party with their favorite people.

Upon entering, you see the bride’s mother’s and the groom’s mother’s wedding gowns on dress forms, showing their families are playing an important role.

Linda's Wedding Dress

There was a photobooth set up using Apple’s Photo booth software, curtains, and two laptops with a photo printer and I must say it was nothing short of brilliant! Even props (floppy hats, leis, and masks) to bring a bit of frivolity to the photos.

For favors there were little white boxes with the monogram on top on tiered trays beside large glass apothecary jars filled with yellow chalk-style mints, citrus daiquiri jelly beans, white Jordan almonds, and sunshine-hued M&Ms, each with a porcelain spoon to serve up your own personal combination of sweetness. It made for a perfect treat on the drive home that night!

The men wore seersucker pants and dock shoes with navy blazers. A perfect welcome to summer in DC and a reminder that this was not a stuffy event. The bride looked radiant.

At one point, some of the bridal party and family performed the Thriller dance for the bride and later the bride and her best friend (and her best friend’s mother) led the ladies in a Bollywood-style dance – all the while smiling widely. It made me think they’d played around like this a thousand times before in their parents’ basements.

Chandelier Shadows on the Ceiling

Then there were the speeches, each heartfelt and filled with joy. My favorite sentiments shared were: When the groom’s newlywed brother referred to their relationship as being best friends; The groom’s father expressing how much they ‘like’ and enjoy spending time with their sons’ wives and their families (not always the case with in-laws); A groomsman speech wishing the happy couple a lifetime of falling in love a little more each day. Maybe those thoughts stay with me because I see those in my own relationships too.

This truly was a celebration of love and a union of two people who are clearly best friends. I feel grateful to have been part of it!

Mrs. Peters's Wedding Gown


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  1. It was SO wonderful to finally meet you at the wedding–I wish we’d had more time to get to know each other. These pictures of the moms’ wedding dresses are just lovely–I can’t wait to share!

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