DC Vacation: Day 13, 14 & 15, Family Time

It is one of the happiest blessings to have married into a three-child family so now I have another set of parents, three brothers, a sister – and a nephew. And my mother-in-law (MIL) now has two daughters[in-law] to join her for shopping and pedicures!

I awoke lazily on my 13th morning in Washington, eagerly anticipating an afternoon with my in-laws. My husband’s parents had flown in from the West Coast and we were all going to the park with their eldest son and his wife and their son (the only grandchild). As you can imagine, no other children at the park that day had five adults in their entourage, let alone the fact that his shutterbug aunt (me) was documenting his every move like a paparazzi.
Quiet Merry Go-Round
The park is beautiful with a composite surface that doesn’t hurt when you fall (or drop your camera), a merry-go-round carousel, and so many places to climb and play! The weather was sunny and warm.
My MIL and I enjoyed a few hours of retail therapy in Friendship Heights. I found a sweet fluttery top from BCBG as well as a darling nautical-inspired dress and a basic tee from Vineyard Vines at Filene’s Basement before we proceeded to meet the rest of the family for a bite.

We welcomed in the weekend with dinner out at Manoli Canoli (yes, it’s a family favorite). My nephew had his first taste of tiramisu – and his second and third. It is refreshing to see a kid who will try anything and his parents are wonderful about exposing him to different foods (nothing crazy like ceviché, mind you).
Saturday, I worked in the garden a bit more, trimming the ‘volunteer’ trees and weeds while devising a plan to better feature the berry brambles, roses, and day lilies. I saw the bird’s nest in the shrub and caught the female cardinal flying back and forth. How sweet they have a regular nest and a weekend nest! Of course, it makes more sense to consider that the shrub nest was likely their original home then when the heavy snow hit DC and encased the shrubs, they had to build a make-shift nest in the front tree for a place to ride out the winter. Though I heavily trimmed those shrubs, I left a bit extra at the nest end just in case they sought shelter there in the future.

After a little clean-up, I went with my MIL and sister-in-law (SIL) for mother/daughter pedicures. I chose a cheery pink while my MIL chose a deep mauve and my SIL went with a peachy petal pink that looked nude inside but much brighter in sunlight.
The weekend came to a close with a relaxed family evening of catching up over dinner off the grill and checking my husband’s flight status. He was able to get on a rebooked flight thanks to the amazing assistance of someone at the United Airlines customer service department. After being delayed by ten days due to the volcanic ash cloud, he arrived in time for a tornado warning and thunderstorm watch in Virginia.


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