DC Vacation: Days 9-11, Puttering Around & Eating

After an eventful weekend in Pittsburgh, I relaxed and did some gardening on Monday. The harsh winter really took its toll on my parents’ shrubs so it was satisfying to nurture them back to spring health. While pruning and weeding, I found two nests. So sweet to see that the overgrown shrubs that I was trying to tidy had in fact made a cozy winter home for a couple bird families. For dinner, my mom and I curled up with a few Castle episodes and a pizza!

Bird's Nest

Tuesday was a rambling day of foodie fun. Ben and I had lunch at Urban Barbecue in Rockville. Beef brisket with macaroni & cheese and a generous slice of cornbread – oh and let’s not overlook the Texas sweet tea! Oohwee! Continuing my day-long feast, I went to Trader Joe’s for a few of my favorite things: honey sesame snack sticks, mochi ice cream, salsa verde, snap pea crisps, rice milk (for horchata), and sparkling blueberry juice.


When Wednesday and its ‘soft day’ weather rolled around I was craving a nice bowl of soup so we went to Manoli Canoli for lunch. Then a bit of browsing at The Lemon Twist.

My mom once sent me an encouraging card that said something like, ‘There are days that are questions and other days are answers.’ The past few days were neither, more like a peaceful afternoon rocking on the porch swing.


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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