DC Vacation: Days 1-4, Settling In

I arrived Saturday night and was welcomed by a home-cooked dinner and soft bed. Nice to be with family again and the warm, sunny weather is lovely.

On my first full day here, I went to buy sunscreen (SPF 30) and visited A.C. Moore to pick up embroidery thread to mend my favorite cardigan that has been stored at my parents’ house until I could knit well enough to repair it. The yarn selection was astounding, but we managed to get out with just the basics. Both errands were with my mom so it was nice to be with her doing ordinary stuff. And yes, driving on the right counts as ordinary stuff even though it took concentration.

After errands, mom, dad, and I went to lunch at Manoli Canoli. After lunch, we took the dog for a walk and visited with one of our neighbors. His garden is blooming and as a fan of Dogwood trees, I was thrilled to see the medley of pink and white blossoms adorning his trees. It reminded me so much of my Grandma’s house.

Virginia Spring

We ran into an enthusiastic couple raising funds for their Avon Two-Day Walk for a Cure team, Triple D’s. They shared their fundraising letter and some tips on success which I will share with the Pink Auction committee back in Cork.

Jet lag has had me in bed just after sundown and up before the sun since my arrival. Though Monday and Tuesday were quieter than Sunday, they were fun. I did some yard work in the sunshine. After the severe snow this past winter, the trees and Boxwoods were in dire need of some TLC.

I was most happy to get to see a few friends the past few days. I’ve seen Ben, Stanley, Peter, Jack, Joe, Cathy, and Sara. After all that yard work and socializing though, I’m ready for a nap so today I’ve been enjoying a bit of quiet, sunshine, and knitting.


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