Opera Lane Welcomes Tommy Hilfiger Store

This morning, Tommy Hilfiger opened the doors of its new Opera Lane store to customers for the first time. The new store on Patrick’s Street offers Corkonians what the store on Oliver Plunkett cannot – space!
Three floors of Tommy apparel facing on the second-most expensive retail real estate in the Republic. Pampering Leesider men, the new store has the men’s clothes on the ground floor. Usually, men have to go upstairs for their shopping (Gap, H&M, Next, New Look, River Island, TopMan/TopShop, Penney’s, Dunnes,…you get the idea). The next level up is women’s clothing with a cozy sofa in the center for boyfriends and hubbies (and devoted shopping friends) to wait to share opinions out of the fitting room. The top floor is filled with apparel for children.

The decor is classic and a nod to Tommy’s American roots with black & white photography, vintage screen printed gig posters, and commercial art prints framed on the walls. Their apparel right now is preppy, classic, and pairable. It’s nice when designers remember that sometimes you just need one new piece to liven your wardrobe so having pieces that can easily be paired with basics or other bold pieces you already own makes for a nice line. Bright hues including navy, periwinkle, red, and pink cheer the racks alongside classic black, khaki, and denim.

Once hours and contact information are confirmed, I update the listing for Tommy Hilfiger in my Opera Lane Store Directory.


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