Daffodil Day

Every March, the Irish Cancer Society celebrates spring with Daffodil Day. For over 20 years, this one day has carried with it enthusiasm for a worthy cause, jubilation for the arrival of spring, and hope that one day cancer will not be the major health problem it is today. For every flower, a donation with funds going towards nursing care, support, and education for patients with cancer. This year, you can also plant a virtual daffodil in memory of a friend or loved one in their Garden of Hope. Want to learn more? Irish Cancer Society’s websiteWikipedia, Independent.

Though Daffodil Day only comes once a year, fundraisers, activities, and awareness campaigns take place year-round. In about six months, Cork will have its annual Pink Auction to raise funds for and awareness of the work of Action Breast Cancer, a program of the Irish Cancer Society.

Extra! Extra! Daffodil Day!


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