Cork v. Kilkenny Mother’s Day Hurling Match – Guest Post by My Mom

This is a guest post written by my mother, Julie, to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, my daughter and her dear husband took me to my first hurling match. In the States, I avoid sports functions – on TV or attending – because I find them boring and usually fall asleep before anything happens.

Hurling is completely different. The kids had told me it was “the fastest game on grass” and it was.

Everybody Wants It
Once at the park, I bought a small order of chips from one of the restaurant trunks as we walked in. Everyone was helpful and kind – not the usual from my experience in the States – and we were able to find seats in the front row. I was assured that the match was going to be “a real craic-er.” The rivalry between Kilkenny and Cork was fierce, but controlled. A Kilkenny man was the first to lose his temper. In front of the ref, he hit a Cork man in the back of the head and knocked off his helmet (here is a video of it on YouTube). Soon the teams were at it too. The Kilkenny man (#15) was ejected from the match.

The play was amazingly fast with the ball being hit back and forth from one side of the pitch to the other. Competition was intense with the lead changing several times before Cork became the final and ultimate victor. We had a good time and started home.

More than 10,000 attended, so the streets were packed after the game. Buses were full, so we started walking. We made it to a pub where we found a table and sat down to rest. I had a Bulmer’s and the rest distributed their Cork loyalties to Beamish and Murphy’s. Once the traffic lessened and the pint glasses were left with just remnants of foam, we went outside to watch the team buses pass and meet up with friends who were kindly giving us a lift back home.

After a little rest, we all went out for my Mother’s Day dinner where Wagamama’s was offering a free main dish to mothers. It was delicious.


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