Weekend Plans & Road Trip Habits

A trip to The Burren is approaching and as I consider the road trip to get there and the kind friend who is doing the driving, I think back to some of my favorite road trips in the States. There were the ones childhood through college with my dad. A constant in the CD player – George Thorogood & The Delaware Destroyers or one of those Seger fellows. Chocolate-covered pretzels and Lipton iced tea at the ready. Those were some very fun mini adventures and excellent father/daughter time. Other memorable road trips include that time a friend and I drove through five states to help a band retrieve their broken down tour van, navigating the entire Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo in one day with a dear friend as a last hurrah before I got married, our honeymoon when I entered a highway only to discover it was still under construction, When a friend and I drove from North Carolina to Maryland just after a blizzard and I-95 was down to just one lane and about 40 MPH at that, and the time we drove nearly the entire length of the state of Kentucky in one day in search of a slice of heaven (er, I mean…pie) from Aunt Gravy’s and a tour of the Maker’s Mark distillery. Wow, I’ve had some happy times with friends, family, and vehicles. Well, this weekend will be another to add to the list and my upbringing deems I bring a treat for the driver (as well as money for petrol). I’m thinking of baking my not-so-famous Rolo chunk cookies. Though my oat cookies make less of a mess. Tough decision, let’s hope it’s the hardest one we have to make this trip!

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