Big Blog Changes… New Name & Craft Posts have Their Own New Blog

There are two major changes to this blog with smaller changes as a byproduct of the two big shifts.

1) The blog name has changed…again. It is now 40 Shades of Life. Originally, it was ‘Slainté Cork’ but then there was confusion since there is a pub in Cork of that name so I changed it to ‘Pints & Purls’, incorporating all my knitting and crafty posts from a separate blog, but little did I know that a book was being published by the same name. Since there was topic overlap, I felt it only right to change the name once more and…

2) The content has been split between two blogs. This blog will have all the bits about living in Ireland with Cork City happenings, news, and adventures as well as travel posts. My new blogSpring Stitcheswill welcome you with posts about knitting, sewing, crafts, and my attempts at upcycling. Though this goes against many blog rules about confusing readers, it just feels right to me. After all, someone who faithfully reads this blog for Cork City life may not care that I’ve learned another stitch and vise versa.

I am sure you can imagine how difficult it was for me to approach these decisions, but I feel I have made the right choices and look forward to sharing parts of my life in Ireland here at 40 Shades of Life. And I look forward to sharing my creative adventures with you in coming posts, so please come over to Spring Stitches and join me for a cup of tea and some craftiness.

Of course, all of my blogs are easily accessible on Facebook’s NetworkedBlogs!


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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