Post-Holiday Shopping

I usually avoid the crowded peak times of sales, but the sales themselves pull me in. I was up before Next opened at 7 a.m. this morning and got there while it was tame and my sizes were in stock. Then food to refuel before Debenham’s and Brown Thomas opened at 10 a.m.

Picked up quite a few things at all three stores, but only one was on my ‘to get’ list – a versatile black satin clutch (€3.50 from Next).

One thing I learned this year was that Brown Thomas is all about the handbags when they first open and to go to stores the week before to try things on to double-check each label’s sizing. Today, I picked up two pairs of Next jeans in the size and style of my other pair and they barely zip even though the others fit perfectly.

My shopping attire is something comfortable, warm (but in layers), and easy to take off for trying things on. Today was very icy out so I wore my all-weather boots which are easy to lace up and untie – though I often just push my jeans down over my shoes when trying on dresses to save time.

Worth reading on the subject… Great advice from The Glamourous Grad Student on How to Get the Most Out of January Sales.

Eager Sale Shoppers


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