Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

I know it was hard to find me last year because we were traveling, but this year I will be at home and can leave you milk and cookies. I myself am trying to lose a couple pounds so please enjoy them when you’re here so I don’t find them the next morning and eat them for breakfast. If I do find the cookies uneaten on Christmas morn, I will take it as a personal message from you that I am perfect as a size 8 and to not lose another pound.

Anyway, I know you are very busy with work right now and wish I’d thought to send you this last month before the big Christmas rush started for you and your elves, but you know how things get. Thankfully, the Glamorous Grad Student reminded me and here’s my list. I started one a few months ago (shown here) then forgot to update it, so here is the current and all-encompassing one.

I’ve included A LOT of things in case you have already run out of some things in your workshop/warehouse. I will give this to my family before I mail it and ask them each to cross off what they’re giving me so there won’t be duplicate gifts.

•  Velvet Jacket from J.Crew or Boden or Sundance Catalog

Mini Stitch Sewing Machine

•  Mini FlexiPak Container

•  Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) ($149 including free super saver shipping)

Aunt Dimity Slays the Dragon (Aunt Dimity Mystery) by Nancy Atherton

KnitPicks Options Interchangeable Nickel-plated Circular Needle Set

• Gadgets for My Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi), like Wireless Remote Control RC1 and Flash Softbox Diffuser.

Knit Pro Spectra Trendz Interchangeable Deluxe Needle Set (the multicoloured ‘rainbow’ set)

Versatile Tee-Shirts for Layering in Winter or Solo in Summer

•  A Desktop Surface for a Home Office

•  Tripod

Charcoal Gray Fleece Pullover

•  Orla Kiely Shoulder Bag (available at Revolve ClothingPerri BerriPiperLimeMint JulepeBay)

•  Boden Denim Shirtdress (black or vintage)

•  One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projectsir.gif

Sirdar Chunky Click with Wool

•  KnitPicks Shine Sport or KnitPicks Shine Worsted (grass)

A few things I don’t really need, but if you have a spare one sitting around your sleigh, feel free to leave it under my tree.

•  Sweet Going Out Handbag (like this one from Charm Design)

•  Sakura Crystal Necklace or Coral & Turquoise Colorful Exotic Vintage Japanese Glass and Swarovski Crystal Necklace from Beadsss

My best to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. Hope you all enjoy many a night by the fire with mugs of hot chocolate after the crazy December you’ve been having. Thanks for always stopping by when you’re in town, your visits are a bright spot of our holiday!

Stay Jolly!


P.S. I’m fairly certain I’ll be on the ‘nice’ list, but just in case I want to ask that if I am on the ‘naughty’ list, would you please give me specifics so I know to avoid that behavior (and lumps of coal) in the future? Super!

Dear Santa... 2009 Christmas
Dear Santa… 2009 Christmas by Evin featuring J Crew

See The Twinkle?


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