Opera Lane Welcomes Compu b

The queue started accumulating on the doorstep of Opera Lane’s Compu b store an hour before the grand opening and by 11:00 a.m. people lined up beyond Gap to get a first glimpse into the Apple-focused retailer. Needless to say, I snapped a few pics.

Opening day specials include 11% discounts and goody bags with tee-shirts and a Crumpler keychain. After ten minutes waiting for the doors to open, we entered. Much to my surprise (nearly shock), the owner (?) was on-hand at the door greeting and shaking the hand of EVERY SINGLE SHOPPER entering the new store.

Unfortunately, it was too crowded for us to reach the backpacks and satchels (what I’ve been needing for my MacBook), so we decided to return another day for our bag buy and, sadly, forego the discount. But we were thrilled to see the retailer come to Cork City and in this economic climate it’s nice to see a store doing brisk business.
Look for all the details on Opera Lane (formerly Faulkner’s Lane) and its shops in our thorough Opera Lane Store Directory post.

Opening Its Doors

For your convenience and reference, the store’s contact information is included below:

Compu b

17 Opera Lane, Patrick’s Street

LoCall: 1850 66 8888

Email: sales@compub.com

Old and New


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