Water Water Everywhere – Keeping Informed of Flood Updates

It is as if Samuel Taylor Coleridge is right here in Cork with us with his immortal words Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. As modern Leesiders, not ancient mariners, riding out the storms, flooding, and water supply issues of the moment it still strikes a familiar sentiment.

With the wind roaring outside and the clouds drifting over us ready to sprinkle us with yet more rain, we turn to damage control and preservation. Some homes and shops have already been completely devastated by flooding while others are hoping sand bags will fend off the next round. I stocked up on bottled drinking water and basic groceries, dried out my rain boots, and cleared lightweight items from my balcony. That is the best I can do given the circumstances.

Gratefully, I can keep abreast of the latest updates as well as ways to manage through this crisis by following Cork Councillor Laura McGonigle’s Tweets (@LauraMcGonigle) and reading her blog.

I continue to add more flood photos to Flickr as I get the chance.  Hoping you all are staying dry, safe, and warm through this. Through my own Twitter Tweets, I try to share updates (like when I found plenty of bottled water at Dunnes this morning).

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