Cork City, Flooded – PHOTOS

November started with something to prove. From the first day of the month, Corkonians were treated to chill, rain, or wind. This week made that seem like a walk in the park, however. After torrential downpours and strong winds surrounded us for nearly two days, we are left with severe flooding the likes of which have not been seen for decades. Keeping in mind Cork City once had waterways where a few of the main streets now stand, it will take a familiar tone when looking at photos of it today. I pulled on my Wellies and waded through the streets today to capture some of the scenes of the flooding. Each time I poured the water from my rain boots, I half expected a fish to come swimming out. At one point we were standing in bone-chilling water up to our thighs and had we taken a few more steps it would have covered us to the waistline. There are times when an experience and a photograph should not take over health or well-being, so we did not allow water to go higher than a pair of running shorts. A girl’s gotta have her limits! Many of the photos have already been uploaded to my Flickr account, so click here to view Cork City Flood Photos from the warm, dry confines of your home. Also some great photos on Arguing The Mobius.

From a practical perspective, I am also posting links to a few news pieces so we are all informed:

Major Disruption Caused By Widespread Flooding, Irish Times

Flooding: Worst Effected Areas, Irish Times

Water Supply to 40% of Cork City Disrupted, Irish Times

Floods Hit Cork, Herald

Live Updates from RTÉ News

Taking The High Road


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