Save the Kino

For 13 years, the Kino, an independent art house cinema, has offered Corkonians and visitors the opportunity to enjoy non-mainstream films locally. While the nearby Gate Cinema Multiplex brings popular movies to the big screen, Kino focuses its attention on thought-provoking, limited release, or film festival selections.

A large meeting held on 31 October was pivotal to decide how they will move forward. I could explain it, but there are two well-phrased articles already in existence so I will just link to them.

‘Save the Kino’ Campaign Gathers Momentum, The Irish Film & Television Network

Talks Due on Future of Kino Cinema, Irish Examiner

Growing up in Washington, D.C., I enjoyed The Biograph and was heartbroken when in my college years it became a retail store. Cultural centers are more than just a place for the arts, but a place for the community. For Cork City to lose its independent art house cinema would be a deep loss.

If you would like to learn more about the movement to retain the Kino, there is an official Save the Kino website offering donation and action options. Here are a few ways you could help:

• Join the Facebook group

Donate funds

• Volunteer to hand out flyers in town

The Kino Cinema in Cork City

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