Roll-Your-Own Sushi Night

We’ve been on a sushi kick lately. It started with a friend bringing over homemade sushi and reminded me of the roll-your-own sushi nights I enjoyed as a child. The old skills came right back and we were enjoying delicious sushi for dinner one night, then another and another. No raw fish for us, but cucumber and avocado seem tasty enough.

The best part is that we can whip the ingredients together, let them chill in the fridge and slice the rolls for dinner. Much easier than taking on the whole process after a day at the office.

Where to find the supplies and ingredients to make sushi in Cork City? Here’s my list of ‘go to’ places:

• Rice cooker was €15 at Argos.

• Bamboo mats and tinned inari sushi pockets are at Mr. Bell’s in the English Market.

• Sushi rice, nori (flat seaweed squares), soy sauce, pickled ginger, teriyaki sauce, and wasabi are available at Tesco and Mr. Bell’s in the English Market.

Homemade Sushi


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  1. Yes, hot [instant] miso soup too. Also made inari sushi (fried tofu pockets filled with rice). It was easier than I remembered and really brought back happy childhood memories. Of course, it may have seemed harder as a child because I was dressed in a full kimono with the wood sandals. Hmm.

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