I Once Was Cool

It occurred to me this week that I say the strangest things – or at least they may seem strange to someone who doesn’t know me. So, of course, I am saying them again in this post as if saying them once wasn’t bad enough.

Last month, I encountered an American visiting Cork from Virginia. The first thing out of my mouth was ‘did you happen to bring any Kraft mac & cheese with you?’. Let’s now have a moment of silence for any coolness I once had. My dignity should have crawled under a rock, but being the über-dork that I am and knowing he was from the Mid-Atlantic as well, I pulled out the bottle of Old Bay I carry in my purse for chip emergencies. Only a fellow Mid-Atlantic or Marylander would appreciate that fully. I think he thought I was weird. I learned a lesson this weekend, letting my freak flag fly should best be reserved for the company of friends.


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