In my life, I had never heard of Tanora… until I moved to Cork City. I overlooked the bright bottle many a time until a friend recommended it. Tanora is a tangerine-flavored and -colored soda. Evidently, it is the best selling soda in Cork and hard, if not impossible, to find outside Munster.

My first swig of Tanora was one of curious delight. Curious because it reminds me of Triaminic Cold (the orange one) and delight because I like it! I’ll admit that Triaminic Cold and Dimetapp (grape) were always my favorite medicine flavors as a child. Wow, I mean to share how much I like Tanora, but it’s coming out a bit weird. Well, best bet is to just give it a go.

Sam & Dan’s has it in normal serving bottles while Tesco has the two-litre bottles. It’s less than €2 for any bottle of any size that I’ve ever seen.


A photo of my two-litre bottle of Tanora (on offer for €0.99 at Tesco)
A photo of my two-litre bottle of Tanora (on offer for €0.99 at Tesco)

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  1. Hello! We’ve emailed a few times about my and my husband’s upcoming trip to Ireland….
    I just happened to read your post about Amsterdam. I got to tag along on my husband’s business trip early last Oct, so I beat you there by just a few weeks. I am dying to go back and will jump if ever given the chance again.
    You mentioned taking a train to another little town and I wanted to recommend going to Haarlem (I think about 20 mins by train)–read Corrie Ten Boom’s “The Hiding Place” and take a tour of her house in Haarlem. AWESOME BOOK!!
    Thought I’d throw my two cents in 🙂

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