2009 Tour of Ireland Photos

Sunday’s third stage of the Tour of Ireland was exciting and WET! The skies dripped lightly until the cyclists were on the outskirts of Cork City then the clouds opened and drenched the athletes and fans.

Out of a few hundred photos taken, about 80 made the cut to my 2009 Tour of Ireland Flickr Set. Feel free to visit, browse, enjoy, and comment!

I watched the race from a spot I had scouted out that allowed me to see St. Anne’s (Shandon Bells) and the Catholic Cathedral and be steps from the hairpin turn onto Upper John Street. Once the rain started, I regretted leaving my boots and raincoat at home, but at least I was wearing a fleece which deterred the rain better than a cotton pullover would have and had my favorite umbrella. I was grateful that when the rain started several of the residents along that street offered me shelter from the lasher and there was a covered bus stop where I set up my video camera for the first spin around the route. My husband was at St. Patrick’s Hill with crowds of cheering fans and onlookers. Dozens arrived hours early and wrote well wishes in bright yellow chalk on the pavement of the hill.

In total, the cyclists raced past the Catholic Cathedral three times and though three trips were also planned for St. Patrick’s Hill, only two ended up happening due to safety concerns for the horrible weather conditions.

Though Lance Armstrong only rode past me once and didn’t make it to St. Patrick’s Hill, there is one photo showing Mr. Armstrong, riding past the Catholic Cathedral (also shown below). In my set, there are a few photos of an MTN Energade cyclist wiping out on the road.



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  1. We met at the end of the race (Pneumonia). The photos are excellent. I am on sky news tonight. I went for a cycle with about 2000 others with Lance around the park and was interviewed by sky news. Morto. It’s in the video section of skynews.com!!! Want to email you some video I took of Lance by way of thanks and some cool photos.

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