Hot Milkshakes?

I’ll admit that some aspects of Irish cuisine are not for me, but I tend to understand how it can be appealing to others. Hot milkshakes, on the other hand, perplex me. What’s the point of a hot milkshake? Isn’t it just like melted ice cream? Well, I’ll find out at some point now that Cork City is home to Hot Shakes, a new hot milkshake and hot chocolate shop on French Church Street.

Hot Shakes boasts that if you want it, they’ll shake it. The city centre shop offers over 150 options on their menu, which starts at just €1.25 and includes dairy-free options. Want to avoid guilt, you can even have them add protein or some other ‘fuel’ to your custom beverage. Their flavoring options range from chocolate and cake to biscuits and fruit. Toffee popcorn is even listed as something you can have in your drink.

It seems like a fun idea, but we’re wondering why they chose to open on French Church Street… right next-door to O’Conaill’s Chocolates. I can’t imagine opting to drink a Cadbury-based hot chocolate at Hot Shakes if I could have one of O’Conaill’s cool chocolate milkshakes or hot chocolates. Especially since O’Conaill’s has added new Sunday hours. But I’ll still give it a try because there is something so intriguing about a Battenburg Hot Milkshake.

Hot Shakes

16c French Church Street, Cork City, Ireland

View of Hot Shakes on French Church Street, Cork City.
View of Hot Shakes on French Church Street, Cork City.


7 thoughts on “Hot Milkshakes?

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  1. of all the places in cork city, Hot Shakes is the place i recommend to people the most.

    i love that shop you can get so many different combinations, they also offer student discounts and loyalty cards.

    i know the idea of a ‘hot’ shake sounds wierd bu once you try it you’ll understand. and even if by some chance you dont then you can still get cold shakes.

    anyway’s they’re savage definitely give them a try!

  2. I love the place, i have tried lots of flavours and have to say they are seriously tasty.

    Hot Shakes is a really cool shop, the staff are very nice and are great at recommending different shakes. I agree the hot milkshake concept is a tad strange, but it works. If good to see something new and different in cork. Hot Shakes, long may you last.

  3. I’ve been to Cork for a couple of days to visit some friends there. They recommended me Hot Shakes and it’s one of the things i will definitely never forget. This shop is not about hot shakes I think, the best thing is that you have unlimited options of creating your very own milkshake! i brought some caramel candys from Germany and mixed them with lemon cheesecake – awesome! So I’ve been there like 8 times in 4 days. And every time you visit this shop you’re just staring at the huge bill of fare and can’t decide on which shake you wanna get. Go and visit Hot Shakes!

  4. I go to Hot Shakes everytime I’m in the city. Their menu is amazing and if you don’t like one thing there is always somthing else you’ll like. I’ve never walked out of that place unhappy. Go there! You can have €100 from me if you don’t like it because I guarantee you’ll love it!!! Now go!

  5. It’s a play on words that quickly suggests that they can be either hot or cold. Only hot if requested to be.

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