What I Miss, What I Love

It has been over a year since I made Ireland my home and in that time I have changed as have my tastes while some things remain the same. Last year, I predicted all the things I would miss and some of those missed their mark. To celebrate being an expat for over a year, I am creating a new list of things I miss from the States (Wish It Were Here!) and a list of all the things I would miss if/when we move back (Where Have You Been All My Life?) – I also added a list of things I thought I wouldn’t find in Ireland that are, in fact, available in some form (Old Friends).

Wish It Were Here! *If you’ve found any of these in Cork, please share where in the comments

• Root beer for floats (I know it’s out there… somewhere)

• Yuengling Lager (though Abbot’s Ale House has an amazing selection of other lovely beers)

• Knit Picks yarn

• Hanes, Ann Taylor LOFT, Lands’ End and J.Crew

• Trader Joe’s (specifically their mochi, green salsa, sesame sticks and snap pea crisps)

• Soy bacon

• Green tomatillo salsa or even green tomatillos

• Being able to spend a weekend with family

• Kraft Mac & Cheese (in the blue box)

• Elbow macaroni

• Old Bay Seasoning

• Dark chocolate M&Ms

• Cornbread mix

• UTZ crab chips

• Ranch dip

• Netflix and Red Box rentals

• Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

• Being able to watch my favorite shows on TV instead of buying them on iTunes

• Sunnyvale Public Library

• Picnics in the Napa Valley

• Two buck Chuck

• My friends and family

Where Have You Been All My Life?

• Driving on the left

• Bulmer’s Cider

• Ballymaloe House Relish

• Aldi stores

• Tanora (works well for floats)

• Marks & Spencer convenience food

• Coriander in a tube

• Banoffee pie

• My new friends

• ‘Father Ted’

• Useful bus system that thinks outside the city

• Crumble mix, scone mix, brown bread mix,…

• Being able to hop in your kayak to go to to the grocery store or match (not that we do, but we could)

Old Friends

• Cranberries or cranberry spread for sandwiches (Tesco, SuperValu,…)

• REAL guacamolé (IF I make it from scratch)

• Black beans for homemade burritos (Tesco)

• Mochi (Wagamama)

• Ranch salad dressing (it’s not quite the same, but it’s better than nothing)

• Being able to order things from Amazon and Overstock (it’s still not the same though)

• IKEA being local (almost, it’s in Dublin)

• Pretzels (nothing like Snyder’s though)

• Maple syrup

• Maker’s Mark (it’s here, but it’s very expensive)

• Warm, sunny days with no humidity (occasionally)

Photo by Stephen Orsillo
Photo by Stephen Orsillo

3 thoughts on “What I Miss, What I Love

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  1. I went to IKEA on Monday. A whole week after it opened and it was still absolute bedlam. According to the sales assistant who helped us it had been like that every day!

  2. Hello! I recently stumbled across your blog while planning an Ireland trip for my husband and I later this year. I like your list of things you miss–Two buck Chuck (not many people know the wonders of very cheap wine!), Kraft mac n’ cheese, etc. They really don’t have cornbread mix or dark M’s?! Maybe I can hook you up when we come 🙂 We’ll be visiting Dublin mainly, but also are planning to visit Cork and Tipperary.

  3. ahhh,that list was very similar to mine. i love being back in the land of gap, ann taylor and jcrew, mc & cheese, goldfish and reeses pieces. i miss beamish though i’ve recently found it in a few places) veg soup, good chocolate, o’connails and so many things.

    if you want anything let me know 🙂

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