Cork Button Factory

Don’t be fooled by its modest exterior, the Cork Button Factory has as many buttons as you may ever need. We’ve mentioned this shop before in our Where To Buy Yarn in Cork City post, but this time it is featured all on its own because yarn is just a tiny portion of what makes this place a local treasure.

UPDATE: We love this place so much, there is also a newer blog post written with details on the renovated and expanded shop and their new hours!

From floor to ceiling, the main section of this Pope’s Quay shop is organized by color and style with buttons in plastic tubes with one sample affixed to the outer-facing end. If you ask, they also have thread, zippers, and other fastening supplies. Essentials such as Velcro, acrylic ‘wool’/yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles, jeans’ buttons, dressmaker pins, and measuring tape are available by the counter or if you ask. Belt loops are in the mix with buttons. Rumor has it, the little-shop-that-could supplies to the city’s tailors and seamstresses.
As I have experienced, if you bring in the item that lost its button, someone will kindly help you find a replacement. It may not be the perfect match, but some of the buttons are so detailed and beautiful it makes me almost want to change out the buttons on all your boring cardigans! I did give in and change out the buttons on one shirt from plain black to ladybugs and it made a ordinary yet classic top into something with personality and a summer feel.
Tips for Success:

• Some buttons have been here for eons so if a color isn’t exact on the outside sample, take a peek in the tube since fading occurs on the outside one.

• Ask for help if you need it.
• If you are looking to match a button to an existing piece of clothing, bring the item with you.
• They are open on weekdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (they stay open during lunch), but are closed on weekends. This may be frustrating, but just remember that they work hard and need to take care of their own messages, errands, and lives come Saturday and Sunday.
Cork Button Company
4 Popes Quay
Cork, County CorkTEL: (353) 021 450 2730
FAX: (353) 021 450 2746
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A view of the inside of Cork Button Factory, 4 Pope’s Quay, Cork City Centre

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