Donoughmore 7-mile Race

Last weekend was the 27th annual Donoughmore race. Though it is not crowded or drawing visitors from outside the region, it is a real gem with its local feel, beautiful views, and challenging course. There is a walking section which starts an hour before the runners so all can enjoy the lively finish line atmosphere. As a cheerer, I also enjoyed the food truck in the parking lot because they had many foods including chips and all VERY reasonably priced in spite of their obvious monopoly. A note for the runners, if the location is the same each year you can count on a changing area with showers in case you are coming from work or doing the run before a night out. I will share photos from the Donoughmore race in a separate post.


With so many runs and races, how does one keep track? Well, there are blogs and websites devoted to these things and here are some useful links if you are a runner…


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