TGV from Brest to Paris

Arriving at the Brest train station in the mid-morning, we traded our TGV reservation in for tickets (billets). The bathroom facilities there are located by the train platforms on the left. The men’s room door was wide open with an honest view of the urinals while the ladies’ room was open to the sink area and required 20 cents to enter the loo itself. On the bright side, 20 cents buys you toilet paper!

Once on the TGV, I began to wonder why we bought 1ère Classe (first class) tickets with reserved seating. Since Brest was the first station on the route, it was not overcrowded to the point where seating would be an issue (perhaps the early morning or weekend trains may though). About one half hour outside of Rennes, I understood that the expense of 1ère Classe was worth it to me when I made the wobbly trek to the café which is located in the first car of second class. On the way, I found passengers seated in the vestibules and luggage overflowing from the main baggage cubbies. Provided, we were traveling on a June Friday mid-day so many weekend travelers may have been aboard. Many passengers seemed to disembark in Rennes, but it is likely more boarded as well.

First class on some TGV trains also means wider seats, power outlets, and table space. The trip from Brest to Paris is about three hours so having a power source for my laptop and various gadgetry was helpful. If only it also had WiFi

Lunch was available. For €12.30, I bought a chicken Caesar wrap, small fruit salad (11 bites – three honeydew, three kiwi, three pineapple, two grapes), 33cl lemonade, and 50cl Pelegrino.

Lunch on the TGV
Lunch on the TGV

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