Cork Visitor Resources

For friends and family visiting us here in Cork City, I have compiled a list of resources and links I find interesting and useful. They include places to go, favorite restaurants, how to get to/around Cork, and what to pack when visiting.

Places to Go

The English Market

Churches in Cork City

Cork City Gaol

Museums & Galleries in Cork City

Getting Around

ORK – Cork International Airport

Getting to/from ORK by Bus

Direct Flights to ORK (Map)

Cork International Airport (ORK) Information

Irish Airports

Bus Eireann – Buses Around Ireland

Bus Eireann – Buses Around Cork


Getting to Kinsale by Bus

Taxi Pricing

GoCar Cork

Irish Rail

Places to Eat

Fenn’s Quay


Uncle Pete’s Pizza

O’Connail’s Chocolates (for hot chocolate or coffee)


Market Lane

Il Padrino

What to Bring

• Comfortable walking shoes & socks

• A jacket for the rain

• Clothing in layers to accommodate the capricious weather

• An umbrella (though they’re cheap enough at the discount shops if you just buy one while here)

• Local currency – We’re on the Euro

• Your camera

• Sunglasses, for when it’s not raining

• Large enough purse to fit the basics, zip-top is helpful given the climate


Enough about me. What are you thinking?

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