Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

We visited beautiful County Wickow this weekend and enjoyed nature walks, good food, and the all-around fabulousness of Glendalough and Laragh. Glendalough means ‘valley with two lakes’ and is a paradise of nature walks and rocky scenic views.

In Laragh, we enjoyed hospitality and a hot breakfast at Tudor Lodge. It is located within walking distance of most things in Laragh, but particularly of interest is its proximity to the Woolen Mills which is situated at the opening of a trail leading to Glendalough and the Monastic City sites along the way.

Our most memorable dining experiences on this trip were our dinner at The Wicklow Heather. The menu is online, don’t read it if you are hungry since it will only make you hungrier. Reservations recommended – it’s a shame to rush a good meal.

For lunch on one day and an early dinner on another, we enjoyed food from The Glendalough Fayre. It is a sweet little market with a deli/kitchen and eating area. They even have bottles of wine! Ooh, the cupcakes alone kept me coming back. Delicious treats and an emphasis on fair trade products.

View of Glendalough
View of Glendalough

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