London in Love

I just read ‘Julie’s Gift’ written by Kevin Kirsch, a husband who is not a feelings sharer, but through this novella lets us all know (including his wife) that he does have deep feelings. It is a nice light read that may make you look at your unromantic partner a bit differently since it reminds you that just because feelings are not shared doesn’t mean they’re not felt. 

If you are a partner/spouse unable to share your feelings, but want to show that it’s inside somewhere so why not use Mr. Kirsch’s words instead and give the book as a gift. Even better if you slip in a pair of tickets to London to complete the gift! Julie’s Gift has great sample itineraries (how they actually spent their days in London) as well as the author’s Top Ten London Travel Tips for the Guys (funny and useful list).

The plot is not riveting and you won’t find a car chase, but that’s the best part. It revolves around a couple’s anniversary trip to London, England. The husband admits his idea of a trip is from the couch to the fridge, but goes out of love for his wife. It unfolds from there. The coolest thing about this book is that it was penned in secret by the husband and presented to her as a Valentine’s surprise!

Julie’s Gift is available for $11.95 from and BookLocker ($5.95 as a download) or $8.63 from Discount Book Sale.

London itineraries, true love, and a light cheerful read
London itineraries, true love, and a light cheerful read

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